We design and execute tailor-made solutions for corporate travel

Our dedicated Corporate Travel division specializes in high-value, customized travel solutions for organizations, corporate clients and shipping companies.

Owing to our expert team of certified travel consultants, wide business network and the use of state-of-the art technology, we optimize corporate travel of any type and scale, maximizing our clients’ financial benefit.

Personalized service

All of our clients enjoy individualized services provided by their own, specially appointed, IATA-certified travel consultant.


We acknowledge the complexities of doing business at a global scale so we make sure our clients' itineraries adapt to the fluid nature of today's ventures.

Customized solutions

All of our travel consultants are particularly experienced and fully equipped to create the most cost-effective solutions, best suited to individual client needs.

24/7 worldwide access

Our team is available round-the-clock, offering access to all airlines, hotels, cruise or ferry lines and travel-related services around the world.

A member of GELASAKIS Group

member since 2002

member since 2002

member since 2002

CERTIFIED ISO 22301:2019